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SPEC donates a SPEC 2000 Checkweigh System with iBlend 2.0 IMS Software to give Appalachian State University students a reliable and consistent way to formulate colors.

Boone, NC – August 20, 2019 — SPEC, Inc. is excited to be partnering with Wikoff Color Corporation to provide equipment to the Graphic Communications Management Department at Appalachian State University.

SPEC has long been interested in providing learning opportunities for students preparing to enter the graphic communications and engineering industries by offering summer internships to students in these fields. The donation of this equipment and software extends SPEC’s commitment to the education of students seeking a career in the printing industry.

“We appreciate you making the trip up to campus. Your donation means so much to this program. Working with SPEC has always been a pleasure for Wikoff  — thank you for going above and beyond!”

– Erin Felpel Wikoff Color Corporation, Corporate Graphic Arts Specialist.

Brian Branch, Head Software Engineer at SPEC, made the trip to Boone to personally install the checkweigh system and train Dr. Mandy Wu on the many features of SPEC’s iBlend 2.0 Ink Management System Software.

If you would like more information about SPEC systems, please contact our sales department at 704-483-1141 or

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