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The SPEC RBM4000 mixer is the ideal rotary blade mixer for high viscosity materials. Being the newest mixer in the SPEC lineup, we chose to manufacture one of the toughest mixers imaginable. With the option to choose 2 or 3 horsepower motor, you will be able to mix
thoroughly and effectively ever time. We offer a 3-blade stainless steel bow tie design or a flat blade disk for quick and easy cleanup time. With all the standard safety features built in combined with SPEC’s quality engineering and use of only the highest quality products, you can expect this mixer to keep performing over many years.


The SPEC RTM3000 mixer is the perfect vibratory mixer for high viscosity materials. After batches are formulated, the RTM3000 shaker provides a clean and efficient way to mix the colors and make the batch press ready. With variable speed operation, you have control over the vibration for each batch you produce. With no blades, no washing, and no mess this is the perfect solution for safe and clean mixing. Manufactured in the USA, this mixer has the capabilities to mix up to 11-pounds of high viscosity materials in just five to eight minutes!