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The Many Reasons to Purchase a SPEC


Hardware Benefits

  • Heavy duty construction throughout for long life and maximum reliability
  • Use highest quality, industry standard, industrial components such as Mettler Toledo scales and ARO pumps for reliability and ease of service
  • Simple dispense valve design provides high reliability, long life and low maintenance
  • Multiple valve sizes to suit delivery requirements
  • Complete recirculation of products through dispense valve to avoid potential clogging of less frequently used products
  • Dual flow design provides high flow for quick delivery and low flow for high accuracy
  • Valves point toward center of dispense container to reduce splashing
  • Dispense valve mount is made from UHMW material to resist ink from sticking to it
  • Automatic dispense head washer
  • Choice of supply container exchange or refill when empty
  • Systems are custom designed to meet each customer’s specific needs
  • All solvent ink systems use Factory Mutual approved electronics in the ink room Class 1, Division 1 environment
  • All stainless steel piping used on solvent ink systems to insure long life and no contamination over time associated with use of cheaper piping materials
  • PC driven system uses the latest PCs (with Intel processors)

Software Benefits

  • We use industry Standard Programming Language and Operating System to Insure Open System Architecture
  • Software written in Microsoft Access with option of SQL database running under Microsoft Windows (open database architecture and latest software platforms)
  • Simple point-and-click operation
  • Microsoft relational database programming language allows quicker, easier customization if unique features, such as customized local area VOC reporting, are desired by customers
  • Reformulation program provides easy method to reduce press return inventory
  • Standard software includes production reporting of ink usage, job cost, VOC consumption
  • Open architecture allows easy connection to existing business systems for data interchange
  • Software has built-in safety checks to insure operator does not request more ink than can fit into container currently on the scale and that a container has indeed been placed on the scale
  • Password provisions control user access to sensitive programs such as formula database
  • Includes complete inventory control of raw materials and press returned inks including valuation. Physical inventory worksheets and variance reporting is included.
  • Storage container level monitoring with operator alert
  • Historical ink usage reporting as well as ink usage projection capability based on current job schedule
  • Raw material batch traceability for ISO requirements, FDA, etc